Bringing Apache’s power to IIS of Rewrite Tools

IIS offers the capacity to rewrite URLs too. It gives really advanced and also effective strategies for rewording URL’s right into ones that are very easy to check out much like Apache. Nonetheless, the technique is really various as well as there are a number of the reason it will certainly be hard to utilize the brand-new IIS7 methods right away. For something, you might not have actually IIS7 set up, as well as may still be dealing with a reduced variation like IIS6 and even IIS5. Second of all, it could be just excessive discomfort to rewrite code to benefit from the brand-new IIS7 guidelines. It’s additionally a concern of discovering the brand-new methods also.

ISAPI_Rewrite components

ISAPI_Rewrite 3.0 is the most up to date URL rewriter from Helicon. What it does is, it enables designers to make use of the same rewriter tool. htaccess data on their IIS systems that they would certainly make use of on Apache. This would certainly be very helpful to an individual with the expertise of exactly how Apache functions, however not exactly how IIS functions. It’s just an inquiry of duplicating currently written. htaccess documents over to the corresponding folders on IIS!

Additionally, it permits very complicated normal expression matching as well as replacements to happen in a basic very easy to utilize fashion that is entirely Apache like. This is perfect for huge applications that need a simple to make use of, as well as most of all, scalable means to rewrite urls.

Settling IIS

Bringing Apache's power to IIS of Rewrite Tools

IIS is an excellent web server. Nevertheless, applications like the ISAPI_Rewrite component make it also much easier to make use of by eliminating obstacles to it’s fostering. If you’re a knowledgeable Apache manager, Helicon’s most recent URL rewrite component ought to offer you yet one more factor to take a makeover at IIS.