From Graze to M16A4: All PUBG Assault Rifles placed

Suppressor– High rate of fire plus near-silence is an insane combo. PUBG as a game has Pistols, Shotguns, Sub-Machine Weapons, Attack Rifles, Designated Marksmen Rifles, as well as screw action Sniper Rifles classified into various courses. And today we will be speaking about the different Attack Rifles in the game, as well as the specialties of each of these. We will be rating the Assault rifles based on 3 variables, which are damages, price of fire, and also recoil in the rising order. This can be called one of the most common Attack Rifle or AR in PUBG, as well as can be discovered in a lot of places.

This is only a single shot and also burst fire mode weapon that does not have an auto mode. This makes the weapon extremely reliable in long ranges, as well as less effective in close quarters fight. It has a quick reload animation, and also can hold up to 30 bullets usually, and 40 bullets with the expanded mag. It has a damage of 43, which is the same as the other guns that use 5.56 mm ammunition.


It is among the various other basic ARs discovered in PUBG on the Orange as well as Miramar maps– replaced by QBZ95 on Sanuk. Both the guns are identical when it involves stats, as well as it’s just the appearance that varies. The QBZ95 is available on Sanuk since it is a Chinese gun, as well as PUBG, ¬†wished to match the motif of Sanuk. Both have the same damage as the various other 5.56 mm ammo ARs. The rate of fire is greater than a lot of submachine weapons and also without the muzzle and hold the recoil is not as long as the other ARs. However, with the muzzle and also hold, they are pubg aimbot rather secure. It holds a normal magazine of 30 bullets, which can be encompassed 40.

From Graze to M16A4: All PUBG Assault Rifles placed

Mk47 Mutant

Mk47 Mutant is a crossbreed gun like the M16A4, and it is exclusively identified as an AR since it includes a burst fire mode. This gun can utilize a muzzle and also grasp, which makes it quite stable over long distances. It is basically used as a DMR, and also has rather high damages of 49 that are at the same level with various other 7.62 mm ammo AR rifles. It has a pretty high recoil that makes it difficult to pubg aimbot make use of without attachments. It holds a normal magazine of 20 bullets that can be encompassed 30.

The AKM, a variant of the preferred AK-47 rifle in the game, is one of the most commonly discovered weapons. Individuals wielding this weapon can produce some terrifying opponents because there is just one other completely vehicle AR that can match the damage (49) this weapon can dish out. But with the high damage additionally comes the trouble of high recoil, as well as there is just a muzzle slot available to control that. Those who utilize a compensator on it to control the recoil will be able to remove adversaries putting on degree 3 armour with 5 shots, and degree 3 safety helmets with two shots.