It is not that people while on travel tours do not have bad experiences.  But that entities of good standing in the tourism industry should ignore facts and rely on Photoshop images to arrive at a final decision is not only appalling but indeed shocking to say the least.  It would be only proper to narrate such an unfortunate incident while on tour to Cannes with a couple of my friends and the very attitude of AirBnB in the whole sordid issue.

In hindsight, AirBnB could have exercised better empathy to at least try to understand our grouse and to take a firm decision on what is being presented at the instance. That the visual medium can be manipulated is common knowledge and the tell tale signs should have been enough to make things clear to all, in the first place.  But they chose to completely ignore this part.

The ugly turn of events at Cannes

We a group of friends had visited Cannes and had made use of AirBnB to arrange the accommodation at the venue.  We were in turn hosted by Steeve Monterin, through AirBnB and true to plan we did check into the facility as stated in our booking.  We would be visiting places and would have been out of the accommodation for a good part of the day and continuously too.

On our return to the apartment after such an outing, it was noticed that some personal belongings were missing from their places.  We did make a thorough search of the said premise but to no avail.  There was no sign of the items.

It was only logical to make the loss of the belongings be brought to the attention of our host, Steeve MonterinAs expectedly, the host did not know anything as to what could have happened and only that it was impossible to make a break in on the property.  This was further corroborated by the fact that there were no signs of a break in or tampering of the locks on the door.  It must be pointed out that the lock on door was rather a sturdy one and one whose key cannot be duplicated without specialized knowhow.

Reluctance to call in the police  

When we the aggrieved party in the whole saga wanted to inform the law enforcement agencies, the first reaction from Steeve was to use the redressal forums provided by AirBnB than to call in an external agency.

The Importance Of The Fine Details In A Review

We went further and made a damning review of our experience with Steeve Monterin as a host on AirBnB.  This was then removed and a curt message was conveyed to us that our review was in contravention of the guidelines laid out for review writing.  They further refused to listen to our cause and sided with Steeve in the matter.  It seems Steeve Monterin managed to convince the website with doctored pictures and images.

A simple Google search on Steeve did pick out still more instances where he did pull the fast one on his clients earlier.  We were foolish not to have made a better review of the individual and placed too much reliance on the ability and sincerity of AirBnB.