What is the iCoinPro Opportunity?

According to the iCoinPro main site, the company runs within the specific niche of cryptocurrency. It is an industry of Multi-Level Marketing world that’s been prominent over the past few years, and there are reputable procedures within it and there are a plethora of frauds also.

iCoinPro is enabled to understand about cryptocurrencies, i.e. how you can utilize them, spend them, and invest them; however I make a full-time income working from house advertising iCoin Pro as an associate advertising program.

The plans and methods section of the affiliate arrangement for iCoinPro suggests that the company is being lacked Texas in the USA by stating the following:

The State of Texas is the location of the beginning of this Agreement and is where the Company approved the deal of the Candidate to be a Supplier and where the Supplier participated in the Agreement with the Firm.”

Paul De Sousa is the Chief Executive Officer and Creator of icoinpro, and his corporate biography on the firm site states that he is” Understood for his devoted management and training capabilities to assist others in the MLM market, together with his substantial understanding, understand and experience using Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in numerous capabilities, no one has even more enthusiasm and passion for iCoinPro compared to our Chief Executive Officer, Paul De Sousa.”.

Below’s where points begin to decline

What is the iCoinPro Opportunity?

Despite the affiliate contract showing that iCoinPro is founded in Texas in the United States, Paul De Sousa’s personal Facebook account reveals that he’s presently staying in Johannesburg, South Africa. Additionally, De Sousa has been advertising and promoting Gain Bitcoin because at the very least the middle of 2016. Get Bitcoin is a Ponzi or pyramid crossbreed that runs in the cryptocurrency particular niche, and also with De Sousa presently belonging of business along those lines, it does not bode well of what you ought to anticipate with iCoinPro.