Who thought hats could be optimised?

When you write a blog or a website you definitely want people to read it, more the amount of views you get, more will be your viewership and Google will thus be obliged to pay you more. For bloggers like us it is important to increase our viewership as more views can get us more money. This whole deal can be for no money at all. You can be a blogger and you just need to get your ideas and perspective to reach out to the world. In such cases SEO optimisation or search engine optimisation plays a great role.

What is a search engine optimisation?

SEO or search engine optimisation is basically a process that includes writing some pre-defined key words in your blog to increase its publicity. If you are not yet clear with the idea let me elaborate it for you. Say you want to search for a certain type of steroids, you might type anything in the search bar related to your search. If you think that different phrases will land you upon the same articles you are wrong. Based on your phrase you have searched Google will provide you the most optimised search result. You will notice that the websites will be more or less the same for each search but what differs is the order in which they appear in your screen.

There are many factors that need to be kept in mind when it comes to search engine optimisation but one of the most important things that determine the order of the websites is the keywords used in them. Paid professionals will tell you the most used key words for a certain category and the use of those key words in your blog or website will decide its rank in a web search. Most people click on the first link they get and thus the first links get much more views.

Who thought hats could be optimised?

Types of optimisation

  1. White hat search engine optimisation- This is probably the most ethical optimisation that follows all the rules and regulations of Google.
  2. Black hat engine optimisation- This is a newer approach to optimisation, not the most ethical way to optimise your website but black engine optimisation is perfect if you want a very quick financial return on a website. If you want a nice amount of money for your blog in a very short period and you don’t want your blog to be around for the longest time black hat is for you. Black hat optimisation techniques will make your article the number one in the rank based on searches but don’t expect it to be there for a long period of time. The money you will earn for that small period is usually way more than compared if you use white hat. Black Hat SEO is the site if you are looking for rules guide lines for black hat optimisation.